Retro Test Tourney

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Retro Test Tourney

Post  Sargoth on Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:00 am

Allright , so we`re gonna have a small go at testing NLG Retro Today.

First we each pick 3 games from Level 1 , then tally up the points.
Then we play whatever games we have from Level 2 , and see where the lay of the land is.
And if possible , we try a few Level Challenges as well , and possible 4 , but that will only be timed roughly then.

Nothing serious about this , just for fun.

Patricipating :


Standing after Level 1:

1. Patrick - 34 points !
2. Sargoth - 21 points
3. Yngve - 15 points
4. Karel - 13 points
5. Ulf - 5 points
6. MJ - 1 point

Best scores on Level 2:


1. MJ - 10.01
2. Patrick - 11.47
3. Ulf - 17.45
3.Sargoth - x
4. Jørn - x

Pilotwings 64:

1. Sargoth - Failed ( rofl )
2. Jørn - Failed
3.Yngve - Failed
4.Ulf - Failed

Super Metroid:

1. Patrick - 5:00
2. Sargoth - 5:31
3. Yngve - 6:40

Super Mario World:

1. Patrick - 342 points
2. MJ - 310 points

Star Fox 64:

1. Patrick - 219
2. Ulf - 123
3. MJ - 122
4. Sargoth - 90
5. Yngve - 53
6. Jørn - 36

Good luck!

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Re: Retro Test Tourney

Post  KVD on Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:59 am

Bizarrely unlucky for SMB1 and especially DKC1 challenge, both granted me an amazing 0 points total... rendeer I thought that was the only smiley available that suited the occasion. Razz

SMK challenge I nailed, 1'18"xx @ DP3 and crashless race on RR too. KB2 was tricky, VL2 VERY close to finishing 2nd, but overtook Toad in last corner with a desperate NTSC jump. Finished 1st with 0"04 to spare after a dramatic final lap which I started in 5th position. I missed the turbo start and got caught in the CPU pack with 0 know what that means... bom
GV3 was easy as always, even did the big feather SC lol.

So my score after lvl1 is a measly 13 points.... Sad

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my points level1

Post  SteelMike on Sat Apr 26, 2008 1:20 pm

well, started of with street fighter, after i downloaded it.. I started right away, no practice or whatever.. picked guile, cause then i might win with sonic boom en flash kick (or whatever its called). first round was zangief. i lost the first roudn big time, but came back and won the next two rounds:P :-o. then got ryu and it was over pretty soon. My thumb hurts much though, cuase i played with an gamecube controller and the arrows are so small and hard and pointy...

then smb1. died at 4-2:(

then super mario kart. couldnt find my 'newer' controllers so had to use an old one. dp3: 1st place (this one is always the hardest of them all), kb2: 1st place. gv3: 4th lap, in first place with a half round. Then i was taking the 2nd u-turn and my R button snapped... tried to jump over a tiny piece of the next hole, but the jump button didnt worke3d anymore... got 4th... Well i couldnt do much stuff on the next courses. I really needed my r button on vl2 you know...Razz still got 4th somehow.. then rainbow road... r button was totally fucked up. even jumped out of itself and doing weird shit.. got 8th. there was nothing i could do...

total points:




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Post  SteelMike on Sat Apr 26, 2008 2:06 pm

sm64: 10 min 1 seconde

super mario world: 37 coins, 248 left. (had to do it again, so you could call it cheatin.. i just couildnt remember my time the first time. it was pretty careful, i guess the first time was around 220..)

lylat wars: 122 hits.

super metroid: cant play,

pilotwings: cant play.


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Re: Retro Test Tourney

Post  Meridian on Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:29 pm

Level 1 : My games of choice are.... hold on tight!

1 ) Castlevania ( my very first game on the NES and the start of my gaming carrier )
2 ) Duck Tales ( those weird Norwegian ppl saying its a bestseller... ah well the dutch adjust )
3 ) Starwing ( on emulator )

Okey if i cant finish this game considering its my very first one, then well hang me...
Died almost twice on the way to Dracula due to some stupid skeleton and hunch backs arf those jumping dogs!! Making me almost fall down from the towerbridge on level 3... BUT i made it!!
Last level... "Dracula here i come!", as i moved with my very first steps towards the inner sanctum. "OOOEEE" as i got hit by a flying bat... dead, thanks alot you *&#@(*&$(@)!@#_. Conclusion... hang me Razz This part is the most random part of the game, anything can happen. You chicken out? = pretty much death, best is just to blind fold and go go go simon! TO bad... they were hungry this time Sad
Score : 5 levels completed x 2 = 10 points

Duck Tales
Long time no play a duck, i remember i ate one at x-mas... he wasn't rich tho... couldn't find a dime in it.
So lets see... pretty much hopping around like a duck on redbull all the way. Level 1 done... level 2 done... level 3 done ( in like ehm 1 minute )... Level 4 ... boss killed me, i was being wreckless damn... no money for uncle scrooge! fucking duck...
Score : 3 levels done x 2 = 6 points

Okey speedy foxy as it goes insane speed with the emulator. ( I had to practice alot to get used to this ADD flying ) Not to mention saving a frog every god knows for many times per level. But okey cant blame a frog for being annoying right? A few critical moments as i go through the levels towards Venom. Specially boss 4 is like coin flipping luck (good thing this time i used a coin with same looking sides so i win Razz) The rest is pretty okey afterwards.
MSN chat...
26-4-2008 21:11:33 Meridian Prime Karel, Michael ||, Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! done with starwing
26-4-2008 21:11:34 Meridian Prime Karel, Michael ||, Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Very Happy
26-4-2008 21:11:35 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Karel, Michael ||, Meridian Prime Ok , Mike got 1 , Me 8 , Yngve 15 and Patrick 16
26-4-2008 21:11:43 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Karel, Michael ||, Meridian Prime you made it :S
26-4-2008 21:11:47 Meridian Prime Karel, Michael ||, Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! yes Very Happy
26-4-2008 21:11:53 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Karel, Michael ||, Meridian Prime fucky lucker
26-4-2008 21:12:12 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Karel, Michael ||, Meridian Prime how many 100%`s

Here i sent Sargoth a file containing the THE END sscreen with scores....
26-4-2008 21:12:40 Meridian Prime sends starfox on emulator route 2 perfect score no dying.JPG
26-4-2008 21:12:49 Transfer of "starfox on emulator route 2 perfect score no dying.JPG" is complete.
26-4-2008 21:13:26 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Meridian Prime ARE U FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?
26-4-2008 21:13:57 Meridian Prime Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! im affraid not bro
26-4-2008 21:14:09 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Meridian Prime you got 18 points?
26-4-2008 21:14:11 Sargoth ][ NLG Norway 2008 ! Meridian Prime that fucking sick

Score : 6 levels done x 2 + 6 x 100% x 1 = 18 points

Castlevania = 10
Duck Tales = 6
Starwing = 18
Total Level 1 = 34 points

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Re: Retro Test Tourney

Post  Meridian on Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:52 pm

Level 2

1 ) Mario 64 ( 10 stars asap )
2 ) Super Mario World ( coins right level, timeleft left level )
3 ) Super Metroid ( Kills boss 1 asap )
4 ) Pilotwings 64 ( dont have the game Sad )
5 ) Lylat Wars ( where is that game hiding... )

Mario 64
"You cant beat MJ Wink" Marius told me ( prolly with a big smile on his face ) with his 10m and 1 sec.
How to get 10 starts within 10 min, last time i tried was as Karel's place 3 weeks ago making it all in 12 minutes orso. But 10 min is sharp as my .... indeed Razz Cmon you fat bastard!! Move that pizza as of yours!! As i menacely cussed at Mario like every attempt he fails on jumping a simple obstacle... with a few nice tricks he managed to upkeep his faction with me. 5 stars.... 6 min on my stopwatch.... and some easy ones to come.. Will I make it? 8, 9, 10 stars and STOP!!! damn... 11 min 27 sec Sad Well done MJ!! Got to give the guy some credit here.
Score : 11m 27s

Super Mario World
"Hey sar... whats to be done here?" I asked him.... w8ed like ages... "right lvl from start , most coins BUT must finish, left lvl fastest finish, then add together your coins + time units" he replied criptically. So coins + finish on right level right? and asap on left level, add them... okey i get it! Right level... START!... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! Mini Mario shouted as he kicked the koopa formation off the platform. AH Yoshi! He prolly got some change! But nope... he was broke too... >>>>>> ended up with like 97 coins. "Time to buy an ice cream for it!"
Left level , VROOM VROOM go go go jump, duck, hop, hide, kick, fly, and..... its a foto finish with Yoshi!! 245 time left!!
Score : 97 + 245 = 342 points

Super Metroid
Gladly i had the games saved at the start so its resetting stopwatch and.... go samus ( ever noticed samus walks like a chick? )
The way down was pretty dull, just had a little fight with the elevator, twice... not to mention that camera still freaked me out after you grabbed the morphing ball upgrade. Peace and quite i went up again, seeing hordes of enemies awaits me suddenly. Making my way up wont be easy... fell once... twice... GRRRR. Boss was eventually smoothfull making the end time a whooping 5 min sharp on the clock!
Score : 5 min 0 sec

Pilotwings 64
Dont have it... nuf said.

Lylat Wars
Gladly no speedy foxy this time. But still that annoying frog starting to piss me off after 20 sec of playing on Corneria. I killed him gladly instead of earning 2 more points. AHHHH much more satisf-L-ying. To bad i had to safe that bird too cus he actually gives me more points by saving him. Lucky him... Saved him, Archflew 7 times... tada secret route! and more points ticked on the gauge as i go over 200 before the boss arrived. Familiar boss tho, killed him and ended Corneria and Level 2 with 219 points
Score : 219 points

Mario 64 : 11m 27s
Super Mario World : 342 points
Super Metroid : 5m 0s
Pilotwings 64 : no score
Lylat Wars : 219 points

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Re: Retro Test Tourney

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