NLG RanBat Season 0 ( test season )

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NLG RanBat Season 0 ( test season ) Empty NLG RanBat Season 0 ( test season )

Post  Sargoth on Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:57 am

Hi all , and welcome to this new idea of having Ranking Battles. Surely its not a new idea , but for NLG it is.

To start off this test season , Im looking at getting 8 participants for each game hopefully.
The games , as it stands , look to be :

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Bros 3: Battle mode.

The format:

Once a month 1 or 2 of the games are played.
Each game has different settings , but everyone plays everyone once is a constant.
Both offline and online.

First off we are gonna try ST and 3s this weekend. 4-5 players will be offline playing eachother and those who join online.
Each player creates his own Team , consisting of 3 characters ( or lives rather ) , once all 3 on a team are dead, the player still standing gets 2 points , which are later accumulated to create a leaderboard.

There will be one leaderboard for overall performance , and one for each individual game.

At the end of the season , we will have a winner ( overall and in each game ) who then get free entry to next NLG and various other ( later to be decided ) benefits.

So , whos in for this weekends RanBat?

1. Marius Hukkelås
2. Lars Øyvind Lund

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