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Encore stream

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Encore stream Empty Encore stream

Post  Sargoth on Fri Jul 13, 2012 2:43 pm

We are now done with the stream from NLG 2012 Exhibition, and I think it is safe to say we are happy with the results.

So happy in fact, that we will go live again in about 1 hours time with an Encore Stream.

We are currently taking suggestions via donation comments to determine which games are played during the Encore stream.

The Schedule:

00:00 - Mario Tennis Tournament, running in the background. Final on stream later.
00:20 - Illu takes on Perfect Dark Single Segment WR on Agent - On stream
01:30 - Wouter Jansen checks how much he remembers from Ninja Gaiden ( EPIC MUSIC )
02:00 - Daniel Zia plays Probotector on the NES. He might have played it before, we will see.
03:00 - Michael Jongerius plays SMK MC3 Non-NBT Time Trial
03:30 - Super Mario Kart Battle Mode
04:30 - Dr.Mario 64 WR attempts
06:00 - Illu - The one man show! Perfect Dark, Wave Race 64, Mario Kart 64
12:00 - Illu vs Patrick W. Goldeneye 007 - First to 3 wins
12:45 - Illu does some speedruns n Pilotwings 64 - Dark Cavern
13:30 - Michael Jongerius plays Mario Kart 64 Time Trial
14:30 - Mario Kart 64 4-player fraudulence

The list so far:

1: Edward vs xxxx - SMB1 World 1 Dual Speedrun
5: Mario Tennis Tournament FINAL
8: Circuit Breakers - Something\someone
12:Micro Machines v4 - WR attempts - Sargoth
14:Mario Party 1 ???


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