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Results NLG 2011

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Results NLG 2011 Empty Results NLG 2011

Post  Meridian Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:03 pm


The NLG 2011 has come to an end.
Results of this event are highlighted as followed

Stage 1 :
Patrick leading with 53 points after 3 games followed close by Yngve with 45 points!!
Karel died at the first Goomba in SMB 1 after jinxing himself saying he will hit it.
Bunker 1 mission fail after checking all missions status of Illu's Golden Eye attempt, followed by a 2nd fail at streets by shooting Valentin in the head...
Piet VS Andross in Starwing.. both on their last hit left of living... Andross lost his final eye but the splitting telekinetics killed Piets Arwing...
Marius likes shooting blue stingrays Very Happy a thing not received with much enthusiasm by them.
Ulf finishing SMB 1 with warping.

Stage 2 :
AMAZING comeback of Karels 7th place in stage 1!!!
A triple 2:17 back to back practice run of SMW by Patrick followed by a real run of 2:15
A 13:06 tied run of M64 between Patrick and Ulf.
68 whooping points by Illu overall Stage 2 score!!!

Stage 3 :
A really close match of Karel and Illy in Turtles Tournament Fighters.
A flawless round for Patrick 5 - 0 against Yngve.

Stage 4 :
Karel performing flawlessly on SMB 1 covering Patrick in his dust.
With Karel ahead by 2 sec in DKC1 W1 run, Patrick turned the tide during Rumble Caverns leaving no chance of a comeback for Karel.

Place Player
1 Patrick
3 Illu
4 Yngve
5 Ulf
6 Marius
7 Wouter
8 Piet
9 MJ
10 Maurice

For detailed results and scoring, feel free to download this file linked below.
Score Sheet NLG 2011

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Results NLG 2011 Empty Re: Results NLG 2011

Post  KVD Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:36 pm

Nice write-up! Cool

I'm never gonna live down that first goomba death now, am I? silent

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Results NLG 2011 Empty Re: Results NLG 2011

Post  Hippobatman Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:52 pm

KVD wrote:Nice write-up! Cool

I'm never gonna live down that first goomba death now, am I? silent

You'll be happy to know that you're part of an exclusive club called the "in-joke society" along with "Marius' favourite karter", "Hagen Dasz" and "Marius' fanboyism".

It's somewhat of a comfort, I believe.

Shoutouts to you guys, and Illu, who blew at least a couple of minds when he showed up seriously prepared. Like, seriously, you know?


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Results NLG 2011 Empty Shoutouts

Post  Sargoth Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:31 am

I reckon this is as good a place as any, so let me at least get a few of my chest.

Illu : You defy logic man. First you manage to plan and show up for the event even when given the shortest of notice, but also you manage to be one of the , if not the most, prepared of all.
As always great to meet you, had a lot of fun, and good stuff on the reaction after the stroh, that had me up in stitches. Also shoutouts to your Stage 2 performance, mycket snygt !

Piet : Shoutouts to the man who possesses more old school knowledge than most people could ever dream of. Had great revisiting and chatting about old classics with you man. You also showed some great skill in many many a game. Also, too bad about your oh so epic andross fight, I honestly thought you were past the point of dying when that happened. Hope you can make it out next time as well man, and meanwhile you keep that gaming collection heatlhy Smile

Wouter : The man with the biggest cojones known to man. Mad respect goes to you for picking Ninja Gaiden and Goldeneye in Stage 1, i felt really bad for you when those didnt quite work out, but I am really impressed with your choices and effort. Oh and once more, sorry for stealing your matress, that was far from my intention Razz Hope you can make it out next year man.

VAJ : No offense, but you are such a different person in person than on the message board, and I mean that in a good way Razz Also , good shit on hitting a live WR, much much respect. Too bad you didnt join up for the other games though. Maybe next time?

Maurice : Great meeting you man. Im sorry to say I knew little to nothing about you prior to this meeting, but there is no doubt you are greatly skilled in a vast amount of games. Also , shoutouts for picking Ninja Gaiden. I love that game, but my cojones are simply not massive enough to pick a game like that Razz Hope to see you again man.

Yngve : The man who hasnt played console games since the 90s, but ends up 2nd after stage 1 and a very respectable 4th after all is said and done. The way you play SMB1 will forever make my jaw drop through the earths crust. And also , shoutouts to you for creating and optimizing the proper SMB3 stage 1 challenge strat. I think you showed us all a thing or two about old school gaming. Also major shoutouts for being our chef and keeper of order. The atmosphere is not quite the same now that youve left, but hopefully we will find a way. See you when I get back home allright?

Gerard and Lindsay : Thank you so much for dropping by, a pleasure to meet you guys again. Too bad you couldnt join up for the competition, but maybe next time right?

The rest I will do later, seeing as we are not quite done yet , and there is even 1 person I have yet to meet ( if he is so inclined to show up that is )


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Results NLG 2011 Empty Re: Results NLG 2011

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